Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello! I'm Amanda. The adorable boy with me is my son, who I refer to as Bug, although his father hates that moniker:). We have decided to share our adventures with you as we go through our daily lives, attempting to be organic:)

Why do I refer to myself as Semi-Organic? Because as much as I try, it doesn't always work out. Take the picture, for instance. Nicholas is wearing a disposable diaper (we cloth diaper now). I was only able to nurse him until he was three months old, and then we had to start using formula (mercifully, I was able to pump and get him breast milk part of the time until he was five months old, but then I dried up from exclusively pumping so we're just a formula feeding family now). My little Bug is almost six months old now, so I've started making my own baby food--and that's all organic. As for me and his dad? Well, we do organic some of the time...but the fact of the matter is, sometimes you just need a pizza:)

Anyway, so my goal is to share what works for me and our family with you, and hopefully you will find some ideas that are helpful! I will share how I clean with natural cleaning products, my adventures in cloth diapering, and making homemade baby food--all while trying to keep my sanity as my little boy grows up:)

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