Friday, January 14, 2011

Why I Went Cloth--For Me

Note: This post is about my menstrual cycle. So, you have been warned.

Yesterday when my husband got home from work, he went into the bathroom and then, in that I-don't-know-how-I-feel-about-this tone of voice he has, said, "Sweetheart?"


"Why is there a chamber pot next to the toilet?"

I giggled. "It's not a chamber pot. It's for my new pads."

"So, I don't have to empty it, right?"

"No, darling."

After I started cloth diapering Bug 90% of the time, I started thinking about myself. If I was using cloth diapers for my son because I didn't want the chemicals/diaper rash that would inevitably occur with disposables, why shouldn't I do the same for myself? Because I also got diaper rash--from maxi pads.

I haven't used tampons in years because they (no matter what brand, no matter how 'organic' they are) tend to irritate my skin. After about three days of hard core menstruating, maxi pads (same deal, no matter what brand) tend to start irritating my girly bits. Then I read somewhere that most maxi pads had started using the dry max technology that they had been using in disposable diapers--you know, the stuff that gave my poor child a bright red bottom? So I started investigating my options for a more eco-friendly (and quite honestly, Amanda-friendly) option.

And there were a LOT of options!

First, of course, there's the Diva Cup, which got a lot of rave reviews online. But when I looked at it, I wasn't sure. I tend to get infections down there easily, and I was worried about washing it and reinserting it. To me, that sounded like a nightmare. But the idea of cloth menstrual pads appealed to me greatly, so I started investigating my options.

But then, I got busy with Bug, and so it sort of fell to the wayside and I just endured the "diaper rash" every period until about a month ago when I was talking to my sister-from-another-mother, Carly. Her child is three weeks younger than mine (we were actually due to have our babies the same week, but I went early and she went late), and I recently got her into the cloth diapering. Anyway, the point of this story is that this year for Christmas we decided to buy gifts for ourselves and say they were from each other, which worked very well for me. So, the following conversation ensued:

Me: So what did I get you for Christmas?

Her: Oh, you got me Gladrags.

Me: Come again?

It seems she had had the same idea that I did about the cloth pads, but she actually made the effort and went out and she got some Gladrags. So I decided to investigate them online, and I went and got some for myself. And since I was visited by the Period Fairy this morning, I am currently trying them out.

And I have to say, not bad! They are completely cotton pads, and they fasten with a button and they are easy-breezy to use! All you have to do is after you wear them, put them in a bucket with cold water and change the water every day until you wash them. You can wash them with your regular laundry (preferably in a laundry bag) and then you're done! No chafing, no irritation, and no crazy chemicals right next to your girly bits. I will keep you posted, but I feel that I will be buying more of these (I currently only have a starter set).

By the way, while I really like the GladRags, I do encourage you to check out the handmade ones on Etsy. A lot of them have rave reviews, and it's nice to help out a lot of the crafty people who put their work out there.


  1. I like ones made by EcoFabMama/momscrafts4u - she's in Canada so definitely not a local product, but they are really nice and affordable. She has deals for sets on her Etsy site. And if you like the option of customizable absorbency you might like Many Moons pads that Abby's Lane sells.

  2. Oooh, thanks for the tip! I didn't realize Abby's Lane had mama cloth--but it makes sense, lol!