Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Date with Poison Control

Today started out much like I suspected it would: rather messily.

To start off with, I awoke to see my beautiful, bright-eyed child grinning at me as he tried to beat me in the head with a bottle of lotion. "Oh, Bug," I sighed through my night guard, "can we work on this whole getting up at 6:30 thing?"

He didn't respond, as all he has is a six word vocabulary, and none of those words would really work with my question. Well, except, of course, for "NEIN NEIN NEIN!"

Anyway this morning was a bit of a rush, as I was trying to feed my baby, feed Jon, and get my stuff together (I have a LOT to do today!). I got the husband fed and out the door, and then I plopped Bug on the floor of his room, closed the baby gate, and went into the office for about thirty seconds...

...and I came back to see my child gnawing on a bottle of Resolve carpet cleaner.

What happened next, as I am sure you can imagine, is a bit of a blur in my mind. Basically, I shrieked, "NO!" and grabbed the bottle away from Bug's hands. He laughed maniacally as he basked in the glory of my panic attack. I felt my brown locks fade to gray as I frantically dialed the number for Poison Control.

"Hello, Poison Control," said a very sweet voice. The woman sounded exactly like my dear sainted Grandma.

"Hi," I said in a rush. "Hi, so my son just was chewing on the Resolve carpet cleaner bottle, I seriously don't know how he got it, I turned my back for three seconds, and--"

"--and you would not believe how often this happens," she finished for me. "Calm down, sweetheart. How old is he?"

"Eleven months," I said, trying to steady my breathing. Bug giggled.

"And you're worried that he ingested some of the carpet cleaner?"

"Well, it could've been dripping down the bottle, or maybe he put his mouth on the spigot, I just don't know," I fretted. "It was on a shelf that's way too tall for him, so I am at a loss--"

"He's going to be fine," she interrupted. "It's an irritant, not a poison."

So we chatted for a bit more. Apparently for him to do some real harm to himself, he would have had to eat the whole bottle.

You know, it's so frustrating, because I am normally SO CAREFUL. The cleaner was in there because he had vomited on his floor (Bug still spits occasionally) and so I was cleaning up some stains and had put it on a shelf. Completely out of his reach. And while I try not to be one of those super judgmental moms (although I do get really irritated when I see people putting their carseats in the front basket of their shopping carts...that's a SERIOUS danger to your baby, people!) I admit that I thought I was too cautious for something like this to happen.

So I honestly hesitated about posting this, because I was embarrassed...but at the same time, what if I hadn't called Poison Control? What if Bug really had eaten something that could have made him very sick--or worse? So I wanted to let everyone out there know, if this does happen to you, that even for peace of mind, the best thing to do is call and make sure. I didn't feel judged, and it sounds like this is not the worst thing the lady had ever heard.

In case you don't have it, the number for Poison Control is: 1-800-222-1222. And yes, I have it in my phone.


  1. My wife wouldn't judge you. I drink antifreeze every time she turns her back. I always think it's lime Kool-Aid. It never is.

  2. I bought the Woolite carpet cleaner featured on the website, sprayed it on the grout lines and left it alone for five minutes, and then used a bristle brush to brush / scrape