Monday, March 14, 2011

Can Somebody Explain to Me...

...why naptime has become such an anathema?

Over to your right, you will see a picture of Bug, taken around 8 in the morning. This is when he is at his best. (You can tell this is an old picture because Bug is toothless in it. This picture was taken on his 9 month birthday. But I needed an image that really captured the amount of joy he expresses in the morning).

He typically wakes up between 6:20-7:30. He awakens with a gigantic grin on his face and immediately tries to get into things. I have the happiest baby on the block...

...until naptime rolls around.

That's when this sweet, lovable, adorable child goes away.

I don't really have an image of Bug having a meltdown, although let me just say, it sort of disturbs me when my friends on Facebook put pictures of their crying children up as their profile pictures. WHY? WHY DO YOU DO THIS? Do you think your child appreciates having pictures of them sobbing up on your Facebook? Why is what is clearly upsetting them funny to you?

But I digress. I know, totally unlike me.

The point, though, is once naptime rolls around, Bug (who is clearly tired, and has red eyes, and is yawning and can barely keep said red eyes open) turns into a Kung Fu Fighter and resists my attempts to peacefully get him to go to sleep. And I just don't understand why! Dude, if I had two scheduled naps every day, can you imagine how much happier I would be? I would get absolutely nothing done, but I would be ridiculously well rested.

Anyway, our routine, up until a few weeks ago, was go down for a nap between 9-10, and then again between 1-2. And it worked really well. Bug would get up between six and seven and then go down for the night around 6 pm. I thought that maybe he was trying to move down to one nap, but he's so tired that he clearly needs it. So if you're wondering what I do, well, I give him a small snack and a cup of milk, and then I take him upstairs to his room and change his diaper and put him in naptime clothing. Then I would normally rock him for a couple minutes to help him get groggy, and then I would lay him down in his crib and rub his head and belly until he fell asleep.

I mean, it doesn't get much better than that.

But now, there are always tears. There is always a struggle. Some days I wind up rocking him to sleep, just so I can be sure that he will rest and I can take a shower. But the worst part is, some days I can only get him to take his MORNING nap.

You can imagine how frazzled I am by the time Jon gets home if that's all he's done.

I tried moving him to one nap a day, but if I put him down at, say, eleven, he will only sleep for maybe an hour and a half, and that's it. And he needs more rest. But he fights it so hard, and I simply do not understand.

GAAHHHH! Okay, well he is currently napping at the moment, so I should probably get dressed and enjoy the time that I do have, since I don't know what the rest of the day has in store.

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