Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can't I Just Get Him Dentures?

When Bug was four months old, we went for his pediatrician visit and the doctor gave me a handout on teething.

It contained the following phrase: "Teething is not painful."

I thought the biggest lie I had ever been told about babies was that they will stop eating when they're full. But this? Teething is not painful? PUH-LEASE!

By his first birthday, Bug had 8 teeth through the gumline. He actually didn't get any teeth until he was 9 months, and ever since then they've just been coming, and coming, and coming. This morning, I was massaging his gums for him and I made a startling discovery: he now has his two top molars through the gumline. And the bottom two are just below the surface.

No wonder he's been such a crank. He seriously is one unhappy child at the moment. And I feel horrible, because since he's been in such a foul mood I've been fairly short-tempered with him. Last night we had a pretty intense thunderstorm which woke him up and I wound up letting him sleep in our bed, because the night prior I hadn't slept well, and I need some rest. Like whoa.

Not a lot seems to help him, unfortunately. He's content to gnaw on Sophie the giraffe (or anything else, really), but he still winds up crying and I feel awful. I am contemplating trying the amber necklaces everyone keeps mentioning to me, but I am just not sure about that one.

Today's fairly gloomy, too. I hope the sun comes out so we can get out of the house!

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