Sunday, March 6, 2011


I don't feel well. My throat hurts and my foot, which I twisted last week, is still in a fair amount of pain. Plus, it's gloomy outside, so I really don't have much interest in doing anything.

So I left Bug with his dad and am laying in bed with my laptop. I feel that this is a good thing:)

Bug's not really doing too well either. He's had a runny nose for the past couple days, and I'm not sure if he's got something going on or if it's just his teeth or a combination of both. But hey, it's an excuse to be lazy, and to tell you the truth, I need it.

The past two weeks have been an absolute blur. It was so crazy getting everything ready for Bug's party and then last week I was busy pretty much every single day. Plus, I've taken on a new writing project with my friend Chad which I am REALLY excited about. But in between that, and taking care of an almost toddler, and trying to maintain my house in some semblance of cleanliness, AND trying to do playdates, Bible Study, and oh right, cook dinner, I've been running myself a little ragged.

So it really doesn't surprise me that I'm not feeling too great right now.

As a mom, it's hard to be sick. I've been fortunate to have only had two bouts where I've been really ill since Bug was born, and even though I feel kind of bleh today, I can still carry on. But I have also decided to go back on Weight Watchers to help with my health. So here goes! Today is my first day and I will get back to pre-baby weight. I have to, dude--my high school reunion is in July!

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