Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh right, I have a spouse

Jon and I have been married for almost six years, which is just crazy to me. It seems like just yesterday he and I had just started a friendship in college, which had seemed unlikely at the time, as I thought Jon was a huge jerk the first time I met him.

In fact, as this is a good story, I think I'll share it.

So, my second semester of my freshman year of college, I was taking a Spanish class with a friend of mine from high school. Jon was sitting behind me, and I heard him make a remark which, although I can't remember exactly what it was, basically made me feel like he was a huge misogynist and it offended my delicate nineteen year old sensibilities. I was so annoyed by it, in fact, that after class, I stomped all the way from Anderson Hall to my dorm at Beaty Towers East (Go Gators! FLORIDA REPRESENT), only to find that the elevators were out (yet again. I was in fantastic shape my freshman year thanks to those elevators). So, I stormed up the eight flights of stairs to my dorm room, threw down my backpack in disgust, and flopped into my chair.

"What is wrong with you?" my roommate asked.

I sighed dramatically. "Ugh! There's this guy in my Spanish class, and he is such a jerk. He's the kind of guy I could never date!"

Life is funny, huh? As it turned out, Jon wasn't all that bad, and he and I became good friends. But, he had a girlfriend and I kind of hated the male half of the species at the time, so things didn't look good for us. However, one thing led to another, and he and I started dating the summer before our junior year, and we got married in July of 2005. I love Jon very much, and he is an amazing husband and father. How much he loves our little boy is one of my favorite things about him.

Anyway, the point of this is that having a kid can take a toll on your marriage, and it's important to nurture your relationship with your significant other. Jon and I went through some tough times at the beginning of Bug's life--since he was early we were thrown slightly off guard, and we didn't always handle the changes to our lives with grace. Luckily, we found better ways to communicate, and things have gone a lot smoother since. I have been thinking about this issue recently because he and I have been through a bit of a rough patch lately, but we got through it and our marriage is stronger than ever. So I wanted to share an article that I really liked today, and I hope you enjoy!

Why You Should Speak Well Of Your Spouse

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