Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Amanda, Jon, and Bug

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bug's Playlist

While we were driving home from an Easter Egg Hunt yesterday (and I'm not even going to go into THAT), Bug wasn't happy with my choices of music. "GAGA!" he proclaimed.

I ignored this. "What about U2?"


See, most babies say "gaga" in some form. But when my son says it, it means he wants one thing, and one thing alone.

So I sighed. "Sweetie, Mommy just doesn't have Lady Gaga in the car right now."

"GAGA! GAGA! GAGA!" This went on until we got home and I opened up my computer and put on the coveted song.

You see, back when Bug was a lot littler than he is now, around 4 months of age, we went and visited my parents for about three weeks. My husband was out of town on business and so we went and let my parents take care of us, an arrangement that suited both Bug and myself very well.

Anyway, the point of this story is one morning my sister and I went out and got pedicures and got some lunch. And by the time we got home, my mother had introduced my son to Lady Gaga.

And there was no going back.

So anyway, I thought I'd share some of Bug's favorite music, some of which is geared toward kids, and some of which I probably shouldn't let him listen to.

Kid Appropriate Music:

1. SteveSongs--Oh, my little boy LOVES SteveSongs. I'm actually a fan myself. Back when I used to work at The Toy Store, this was one of the few CDs I could stand to listen to. Particularly I am a fan of the "Marvelous Day" album, because it contains my favorite: The Water Cycle Song. And what kid DOESN'T need to know about the Water Cycle?

2. Lightning McQueen's Fast Tracks--This is another CD that I got into when I was working at the toy store. The songs are inspired by the movie Cars and most of them are pretty cute and don't grate on your nerves too badly.

3. Anything by the Putumayo company--This is a great collection of CDs that feature music from around the world. I am a big fan of "Celtic Lullabies" and "Hawaiian Playground".

And what does Bug listen to otherwise? Well...

Here are his favorites:

"Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga (he also likes the Glee Cast Version)

"Misery" by Maroon 5

"Love and Memories" by OAR
Pretty much anything Britney Spears (I know, I know). Same goes for David Bowie, U2, and of course, the Labyrinth Soundtrack.

Oh, and "Talk Dirty to Me." By Poison. Yup:)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Words

Predictably, my son said, "Dada" before he said "Mama". Which is fine, and very normal, as apparently my son is following the pattern of his mother and saying "Dada" first. It didn't really bother me, as apparently it's easy to make the "d" sound instead of "m."

But since then, his vocabulary has been fairly hilarious.

Bug has recently been referring to himself as "Bugga", which kills me. Sometimes I sing to him, "Bug-a-bug-a-bug!" So the fact that he's calling himself "Bugga" just about melts my little heart.

He also says, "Okay!" and "Oh yeah!" And of course, whenever he wants to eat breakfast, he very proudly says, "Egg? Egg?"

I did get the coveted "Mama!" But usually it's, "Mom! Mom! Mom!"

He hasn't said "No!" in awhile, so I am hoping that maybe he forgot about that.

The downside to him learning to talk is he's gotten very good at repeating things that I say. So I guess I'll have to watch my language from now on:)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Trashy TV

I have a confession to make.

This week has been crazy. Lots of stuff going on. Good stuff, but crazy stuff.

So, as a coping mechanism, I have turned to my old standby: trashy tv.

Specifically, reruns of Sex and the City.

I know. How un-mom like of me. But the fact of the matter is, I have really needed to just decompress and watch something that is completely unrelated to my life. And I definitely don't have as many shoes as Carrie Bradshaw, but I do sort of enjoy her silliness.

I also went shopping today! Now that Jon is home from his business trip, I have finally had a few minutes to just take some time to myself. So I went and got the eyebrows waxed (the Teen Wolf look is soooooo last year). But before that I went to Barnes and Noble and bought two books: Heresy by S. J. Parris (Matthew Pearl recommended this book, and I read pretty much everything he tells me to), and...

...Sweet Valley Confidential.

Don't be hatin'.

I used to love the Sweet Valley series, back when I was in elementary and middle school. And now, as an adult, I can't resist reading about Elizabeth and Jessica, who are apparently my age now.

Well, a year younger. They're 27.

I guess sometimes I just feel the need to remind myself that I have other interests. I love my son, but honestly, sometimes I need a break from the dirty diapers. I just need to decompress. And when I take the time to relax, I am a better mom as a result.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ways To Save Money

Every time I make a purchase, I seriously ask the question: "Do I really need this?"

Why do I ask myself this question?

Well, duh. Here he is:

It seems like every time I go to the grocery store, or to Target, or to the mall, and I want to buy something, all I can do is think about whether it will affect him or not.

And really, I guess that's a good thing. Bug gets a good chunk of money that goes into his 529 plan for college every month. And in order to do that, I can't buy everything that I want. Sort of like when we had to feed him formula, and I imposed a moratorium on shoe buying (I kid you not. I didn't buy a single pair of shoes Bug's first twelve months).

But there are other ways to save money, too. So I thought I'd share some of my favorites:

1. Groupon--Gosh I love Groupon. If you don't use Groupon, you should. Sometimes their deals are completely unrelated to me, but there are some really great ones. Ones that I have purchased have included $6 for $12 worth of Firehouse subs, and $10 for $20 worth of Barnes and Noble credit. Total wins.

2. Certifikid--I really like Certifikid, even though I've only purchased one deal from them, but it was a good one ($135 for four hours of housecleaning, INCLUDING your fridge and kitchen). They offer a lot of kid-related deals, including discounts for kids' birthday parties and mommy deals.

3. LivingSocial--LivingSocial sometimes offers great deals, such as $10 for $20 worth of Amazon gift cards, and I actually got my membership to the local farm that delivers my produce through them. They're definitely worth a look.

If anyone has any other suggestions for money saving, do send them my way:)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Etiquette Lesson #2: What NOT To Say To New Moms

I chronicled a lot of what happened during my early mom-hood with Bug on Facebook, and I went back the other day and read those entries. It was a fun yet frightening, overwhelming yet amazing, absolutely wonderful time.

Except for the whole horrible breastfeeding thing.

One thing that shocked me a bit when I first had my son was how everyone had an opinion about what I was doing with him. ("Why didn't you circumcise him? Are you a heathen?" "You're giving him formula? That's poison, you know!") I remember one day I came home from socializing (which isn't easy when you have a new baby) and positively wept because everyone was critical about what I was doing with my child.

That particular night I had gone to a barbecue, and I had received some really snarky comments about how (a) I wasn't nursing anymore (that was when I had gone to just pumping and supplementing with formula--Bug was about three months) and (b) he shouldn't be sleeping in my room anymore (I didn't mind this one so much, as I was so paranoid about SIDS that I was keeping him in my room until he was at LEAST six months). Plus, my husband was on a business trip so the baby had been my sole responsibility for about three weeks at that point.

So I got Bug into bed, and then I got in the bathtub and I sobbed for awhile. Then I got it together and reminded myself of a few things.

1. I am Bug's mom. Not them. And I do what I believe is best for him, no matter what. Other people's experiences are not the same as mine, and every child is different. And my kid is healthy, happy, and perfect.

2. Everyone has their own unique challenges with kids. While I had a terrible time nursing, I had a pretty great sleeper on my hands. And I made things work for us, in a way that kept him healthy and kept me sane.

3. What I do with my child is nobody else's business, anyway.

I kept telling myself that last one. I still sometimes have to tell myself that one to get through encounters with people. I know some of them are well meaning, but I also know that others aren't. Sometimes people just want to make you feel bad. And that sucks, but you have to keep your head above water.

But in all seriousness, new mothers have a rough enough time as it is. No matter what they do, they're criticized. Women nowadays are encouraged to breastfeed, but only until a certain point. Otherwise it's just "creepy" (I find this ridiculous, btw. Human milk was made for human consumption. Cow's milk, as delicious as it is, was made for consumption by COWS). If they formula feed, they clearly don't love their child. If they let their kid cry it out, they're horrible parents. If they DON'T let their kid cry it out, they are spoiling their child.

Anyway, I asked a few of my friends for their stories on this one. And because this is such a personal subject, names are changed.

One of my girlfriends, Beyonce, informed me that on the day she gave birth, her mother called her at the hospital (quite intoxicated) to inform her that she never should have married her husband. What a fantastic way to start her journey into motherhood.

Beyonce's mother-in-law was holding her grandson for the first time. Like most babies do, this little one pooped. The MIL was so grossed out that she screamed for her son, Tito, to clean it up. STAT.

One of my dearest friends, Shakira (am having too much fun with the name thing) had a baby that wouldn't sleep. Never. We don't know what his deal was. But he just wouldn't do it. One of her friends was listening to Shakira lament her lack of sleep, and then said, "Yeah, my little girl slept through the night after the first month. Never had trouble after that."

I informed Shakira that this person was either (a) lying or (b) didn't remember what it was like to have an infant.

And finally, and this is an important one: I don't care how ugly the baby is. You tell the parents that that child is the most beautiful creature you've ever seen.

One of my friends, Britney, called me in tears one day because someone had told her she had an ugly baby. Now, thankfully, I find Britney's child adorable, so I didn't have to lie when I reassured her that her little boy was darling. Almost as cute as mine. But I will admit, I do have friends who have had kids who I didn't think were all that cute. Thankfully, they've all turned into adorable kids, but some babies are just funny looking when they're born! They have cone heads! Bug actually kind of had this Klingon thing going on with his skull, but he grew into it. I mean, he was still darling, but it was a little funny:) But seriously, have a little tact!

Bug is still recovering from his ear infection so he's passed out. I think I'm going to get some writing done and then call it an early night myself. Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Minute Friday

I am going to try this Five Minute Friday thing that I was introduced to by the amazing Jennifer Luitwieler. Five minutes of writing. The topic? If You Met Me.

So here goes.

If you met me, I'm sure I'd have my child attached to my hip. I don't go anywhere without him. In fact, you'd probably notice him first, with those bright blue eyes and that adorable smile. But that's okay. I understand, he's cuter than me.

If you met me you'd probably notice that I am rather vocal and have strong opinions. I am unapologetic for who I am. But in a lot of ways, I am a shy little girl, trying to overcompensate, trying to make sure that you don't actually see the core. I don't like to share all of me, and it takes time to break me down to the point where I feel comfortable to do so.

If you met me I hope that I would learn as much as I can about you. I have a tendency to talk about myself, and I don't always mean to do it, but it does happen. I do want to get to know you, obviously, and I want to share with you the things about me that I want you to know. I'm a mom. A writer. A lover of art.

Sometimes I don't communicate as well verbally as I do when I write. I find it's easier to put pen to paper than to get the words out sometimes. Please forgive me for this.

If you met me, maybe we could go to Starbucks and get some hot chocolate. Because that sounds amazing right now.

If you met me, I think you'd like me. I am funny, even though sometimes I make lame jokes. But that's not my fault. I'd have to introduce you to my dad so you could understand that it's genetic and I can't change that.

If you met me, I hope you'd like me. But if nothing else, you'd probably like my kid:)

Be Careful What You Say...

Bug is at the age where he randomly repeats words that I say. For instance, I always make eggs for myself for breakfast, and then I give him some of them. Because if I made him his own egg, he wouldn't touch it. But Mommy's eggs? YUM!

Anyway, I had just taken the eggs off the stovetop and put them onto a plate, and said, "Bug, would you like some eggs?"

"EGG!" he piped up.

I laughed. "Yes, Bug. Egg! Very good!"

Anyway, I was thinking this morning over some of the cringe-worthy things that I have said to my son, in moments of tiredness, weakness, irritation--and also moments where I just wasn't really thinking before I spoke. And since I thought some of them were fairly funny, I figured I'd share them.

(After Bug had been awake since 12:45 am, and the clock just hit 4 am) "If you don't go to sleep RIGHT NOW I will flush you down the toilet!"

"You're going to wear pants, and you're going to like it!" (After I said this I sort of shook my head at myself).

"Bug? What are you doing? It's quiet so you must be doing something you shouldn't!"

This is the worst one, but let me set it up for you. We went to go visit Jon's grandparents (Bug's great-grandparents) when Bug was about...six months? Anyway Jon's grandmother spent a lot of the time teaching Bug how to make noise. We came home, and he was pounding on his high chair. And I, in annoyance, said....


Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blogs I Read

When I was a little girl, I had a lot of ear infections, all of them culminating in me having some pretty intense surgeries on my ears when I was about ten. Since then, I haven't had an ear infection. But the thought of my sweet little boy suffering like I did always sends chills down my spine.

He has his first ear infection. It's not a full-blown one yet, but I took him to the pediatrician earlier and his ear is red and irritated. Also, we spent most of the night awake, so obviously he isn't feeling too good.

Anyway, I feel horrible, but hopefully if I give him his antibiotics (and a healthy round of probiotics!) we can keep the situation at bay.

So, that's what's going on with us. Since I need to be focusing my attention on him, I figured today I would just share with you blogs that I read that give me ideas:)

1. My Boss is Teething My friend Jen runs this blog and I have to say, she does a great job with it! She usually hosts some pretty fun giveaways, too, so you should check out what she has to offer. Her advice is always on point, and she usually asks some thought-provoking questions. She and I met in Bradley class and her son is just about as cute as they come:)

2. (a)Musing Foodie My friend Liza, who I met on Twitter, is simply amazing and runs a great website about one of my favorite topics: food. She's also really funny and is a fellow mom, and has many redeeming qualities that outshine the fact that she lives in Maryland.

3. WritRams: Writer Ramblings on Parenting Imperfectly Jacqueline Wilson (who I also know from Twitter!) is hilarious. Her child appears to be as awesome as mine in terms of crazy incidents. In fact, I don't read Bug any of the stories about E, for fear that it will give him ideas. But this blog always makes me smile.

Alright, time to go play with cranky child. Have a good one!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bug's Birthday

Okay, I've been a total slacker lately. And I do apologize, it's just life has been kind of nuts lately! But I figure the best way to appease my audience is to show you cute pictures of the baby.

Because let's face it, that's at least about 50% of why you come here.:)

Here are some photos from Bug's First Birthday Party!

A good time was had by all. And even though I made homemade organic cupcakes for this kid, he wasn't really all that into them. I was sort of crushed, I'm not gonna lie.

But now he's...almost...14 months old. Yikes! His vocabulary continues to expand, and even though he's standing on his own a lot more now, he still has zero interest in walking. And he's heavy! ::grunts::

But maybe I should count my blessings?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lazy Friday


Bug is currently passed out on my bed.

I spent three hours cleaning yesterday due to the impending arrival of my friend Meghan tonight. Then I started on our avalanche of laundry, and vacuumed today, and then dealt with the Verizon guy.

I hate Verizon. But that's for another post.

Anyway, the point is, I had a brilliant idea for a blog post, but I have no idea what it was. And I'm tired. So, instead of writing something thought-provoking, I figured I would just try and make you guys laugh.

Here are two of my favorite links that I feel expectant parents/new parents/people who have any sort of interest in children might find funny. I hope you get some laughs!

Funny Baby Onesies

Creepy Halloween Costumes for Babies