Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Minute Friday

I am going to try this Five Minute Friday thing that I was introduced to by the amazing Jennifer Luitwieler. Five minutes of writing. The topic? If You Met Me.

So here goes.

If you met me, I'm sure I'd have my child attached to my hip. I don't go anywhere without him. In fact, you'd probably notice him first, with those bright blue eyes and that adorable smile. But that's okay. I understand, he's cuter than me.

If you met me you'd probably notice that I am rather vocal and have strong opinions. I am unapologetic for who I am. But in a lot of ways, I am a shy little girl, trying to overcompensate, trying to make sure that you don't actually see the core. I don't like to share all of me, and it takes time to break me down to the point where I feel comfortable to do so.

If you met me I hope that I would learn as much as I can about you. I have a tendency to talk about myself, and I don't always mean to do it, but it does happen. I do want to get to know you, obviously, and I want to share with you the things about me that I want you to know. I'm a mom. A writer. A lover of art.

Sometimes I don't communicate as well verbally as I do when I write. I find it's easier to put pen to paper than to get the words out sometimes. Please forgive me for this.

If you met me, maybe we could go to Starbucks and get some hot chocolate. Because that sounds amazing right now.

If you met me, I think you'd like me. I am funny, even though sometimes I make lame jokes. But that's not my fault. I'd have to introduce you to my dad so you could understand that it's genetic and I can't change that.

If you met me, I hope you'd like me. But if nothing else, you'd probably like my kid:)

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  1. I like the Five Minute Friday idea. It's fun.

    I need to try that myself next week. Go #DessertIsland tweeps! :)