Monday, May 9, 2011

Mommy Time

So, Bug decided that 5 freaking a.m. was a good time for he and I to start the day.  I opened my eyes to see my beautiful boy sitting up and clapping.  When I groaned and closed my eyes again, he signaled his displeasure to me by a well-placed kick to my sternum.

Not impressed.

So I wanted to write today about taking time to be yourself.  I think a lot of the time we, as moms, spend so much time with our kids that sometimes we lose a part of ourselves, and that's not necessarily a good thing.

That's not to say that I don't believe in sacrificing for your kids, because I do.  My parents most certainly did it for me, and I always look to them as my example when I am taking care of Bug.  But I also know that giving up the pursuit of your own dreams isn't a healthy thing.

Some things, obviously, aren't easily attainable while you still have a toddler, but that doesn't mean you still shouldn't try.  For me, my biggest dream is to be a published author.  So when Bug naps, I frequently take time to work on my writing.  I do research.  I query literary agents.  Because I know that I can be a mom, and do this, as well.

So, I guess I'm just trying to say, make sure you don't lose yourself in the mommyhood.  It's easy to do, but it's healthier for you as a person if you look in your heart and see what matters to you.  And it doesn't have to preempt your obligations to your children.

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