Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Try and you WILL prevail!

Awhile back, my buddy Jen over at My Boss Is Teething posted about her success with getting her son to sleep in his crib without making him cry it out.

This filled me with hope.

You see, I screwed up.  Back in March/the beginning of April, my husband went overseas and left me with the Bug.

During that time, I found out about the existence of Baby B.

And so, I, er, got a little, shall we say lax about making Bug sleep in his crib.  So instead of spending most of the night in there and part of the night with me, I was basically just putting him to bed in my bed and snuggling with him and figuring that we could deal with it when Jon got home.

Unfortunately, by the time Jon did get home, I had rather successfully trained Bug to believe that his crib was Leviathan and he was in no way, shape, or form, going to sleep in there again.

Jon was kind of pissed at me over this, but seeing as how I am pregnant, I got a bit of a free pass.  Good job, Baby B!  But the fact of the matter remained, my darling child could not stay in our bed.  For one thing, my belly has started to expand (I now have a rather cute bump!), and for another, both of us were tired of getting kicked and whacked in the face while we attempted to slumber.

So, we went to IKEA and bought Bug a toddler bed.

I had broached the idea with Jon awhile ago.  "I think he'd do better in a toddler bed," I said.

"The crib turns into a toddler bed," my astute husband pointed out.

"I know," I said, "but we're having another baby, remember?  One that we'll probably need the crib for."

"But what if he gets out of the bed?" he asked.

I shrugged.  "I don't think he will.  I think he'll sit in it like he does his crib.  Besides, we'll hear him if he does."

So, we bought the toddler bed and went to work.

For the first week, we didn't even try to put him to sleep in it.  I would sometimes lay in it during the day and that helped Bug to grow curious about it.  Then he started climbing in it and sitting on it, so we moved on to Phase 2.  After his bedtime routine of bath and milk and teeth brushing, we would rock him and then lay down with him in the toddler bed.

Then we got him to sleep a few hours in it every night.

We continued this routine for awhile, and typically what we do is put him to bed and lay with him until he falls asleep, which doesn't usually take too long.

Now he sleeps for about ten hours in it every night.  He and I still take our naps together in the big bed, and I am actually getting a decent night's sleep.  It's rather exciting, especially since I am currently gestating another human.

But the point is, yes it took a long time, but we did manage to get this and it's working really well.  I am so pleased, and am really happy that I stuck to my convictions and I never made my child cry it out.  Especially since everyone was telling me that he was going to sleep in my bed until he was seven:)

I doubt that.  He's a big kid.  He never would have fit:)

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