Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Being Sick While Pregnant? Gross

So, once again I dropped off the face of the blogosphere.  I've been super busy, and last week Bug and I helped out at my church's VBS.

And now, Bug and I are sick.  ::shakes fist at parents who don't keep their sick kids at home::

It's not horrible sick, but we both have colds and coupled with being 23 weeks pregnant, I most certainly do not feel great.  Bug got ill a few days before I did.  I knew something was wrong when we got home on Friday afternoon and he walked up to me and wanted to be cuddled.  Now that my almost 18 month old can walk, he wants nothing to do with sitting around and being held--unless, of course, I am reading him a book ::beams with pride::

Not a lot is going on with us otherwise.  I am trying to get well as fast as I can so that I can get to work on some major projects, such as reorganizing the closet that is in Bug's room (and will hold Baby B's stuff as well).  B already has a drawer, but he is going to need his own space in the we'll see how that goes:)

I've also started making my own laundry detergent!  Check out my post over at The Prime Parents' Club.

In exciting news, I will be having my third (and hopefully final) ultrasound on September 20, to determine if my placenta has moved (which I really hope it has) and also we can double check that B is a boy.  I'd like a good shot of the goods, ya know?:)  I was looking back at Bug's ultrasounds and it's much clearer on those.

Anyway, my goal for the little man and I is to leave the house tomorrow (something we haven't done in days) and hopefully we'll both be feeling better.

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