Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pregnancy FAQ

Everyone has been asking me the same questions lately.  I've gotten tired of repeating myself, so I figured I would collect all of them into a post:)

1.  How far along are you?
As of today, I am 29 weeks.  This basically means I have to be pregnant for about 8-11 more weeks.

2.  When is your due date?
December 11.  Baby B is full term on November 20.   I am hoping to make it to December, but boys in my family do tend to come early, as manifested by Bug, who showed up at 37 weeks 5 days.

3.  Can I come visit you in the hospital?
Absolutely!  I have been really touched by all the people who have asked if I want hospital visitors or if they can bring me anything.  If you are interested, I will gladly provide the information about where I am to you (I'm not going to do it on this blog, for obvious reasons).  I will also gladly welcome all taboo foods, because seriously, I WANT DELI MEAT SO BAD.

4.  How's your heartburn?
Awful.  Seriously awful.  Not as bad as with Bug, though, but hey, there's still time for it to develop.

5.  Are you excited?
Yes.  No.  Maybe.  Petrified, more like:)  I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that Bug isn't going to be my only darling anymore, but that's tempered with extreme excitement because I can't wait to meet B.  However, he has to stay in for at least 8 more weeks.  I hope you're listening, kid.

6.  Do you have any concerns?
Um, well right now B is breech.  He needs to get his cute little head down.  But it's too early for that to be a problem.  Thankfully, my placenta moved so as long as B puts his head down, I can have a vaginal delivery.  But life has been good--my weight gain is fine, I passed my glucose test (no three hour test for me!), and I don't seem to have any major issues:)

7.  Are you going to try that natural birthing crap again?
YES!  I'm actually going to try hypnobirthing this time:)  My goal is no epidural.  Hopefully I will have a shorter labor and it will be easier.

Bug has been very cute lately.  He knows that I'm worn out, so he will come and cuddle with me a lot during the day.  The other morning, in fact, he and I were sitting on the couch and I pulled him close and gave him a kiss.  "Oh, Bug," I said.  "What am I going to do with two little boys running around?"

He looked at me knowingly and very sagely said, "Uh oh!"

I guess that sums it all up:)


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