Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another Circumcision Post

The Semi-Organic Mom's Note:  This post does contain my views on routine infant circumcision.  As a mom of soon to be two boys, I am entitled to my views.  I came to these conclusions about circumcision after extensive research and they are mine and mine alone, but I do not apologize for how I feel.  I'm not trying to place judgment on someone who has circumcised their child, but rather educate others on the risks involved with this procedure.

I had to take Bug to the pediatrician today, something I really loathe doing.  I don't like him getting shots or poked or prodded at, and I especially don't like going when I'm afraid something is wrong with my child.

Today was supposed to be my lazy day this week, because I didn't have anything on the calendar (yesterday was the car, tomorrow is my 32 week appt at the OB, Thursday is Bible Study, Friday is playgroup), and it actually started out pretty good.  The boy spent most of the night in my bed last night as he's been going through some sort of toddler ish (I find that when this happens, I just let him come sleep with me, as it affords both of us the luxury of rest and I know that eventually he will go back to sleeping in his own bed.  Besides, when I have a screaming newborn at all hours of the night he may find his bed a much quieter place to be!).  Anyway, so Bug woke up around 6:30 but he was really groggy and so we cuddled until about 7:15, and then I hauled my fat pregnant rear end out of bed and took him to his room to change his diaper.

Imagine my shock and horror when I opened up his diaper and there was blood.


Granted, it was only about two drops, but it scared me very, very badly.  Upon inspection of his boy parts I discovered that there was a small cut in his foreskin--probably from the not so great job I did cutting his nails and his natural predilection  as a toddler to, um, explore his body.  So I figured the best thing to do would be to just let it air out as much as possible and occasionally wash it with cold water.

Fast forward to around eleven when it starts to look worse.  Freaking out, I called the pediatrician and they said they could see us at 2:20, so I got Bug down for his nap and then when he woke up, off we went.

So first the good news:  I have to keep it clean and using water instead of wipes, but aside from needing to apply some neosporin, it should be just fine.

The bad news:  This one mom in the waiting area absolutely horrified me.

So Bug is a really friendly kid, to the point where I think he'd walk off with just about anybody.  After I had signed us in, he started roaming around wanting to play.  There was another little boy there and Bug went up to him and the two of them seemed to hit it off, and I struck up a conversation with his mother, who asked me if we were here for a well visit.

"Oh, no," I said, shaking my head.  "We're here because my son is way too interested in himself and he managed to nick his foreskin."

"He's not circumcised?" she asked, surprised.

I shook my head no, and she said, "Yeah, that's why we did (her kid's name).  I figured he didn't need any extra excuses to be masturbating."

I seriously froze at this point.  What does one even say to that?  So she cut off part of his penis to prevent him from masturbating?  I got news for you, lady--boys will be boys and do that sort of thing, regardless of whether or not their penises are intact.  I managed a tight smile and moved to go prevent Bug from eating a puzzle piece, all the while shaking my head.

By the way, the magazine Psychology Today ran a great series called "Myths about Circumcision You Likely Believe."  You can find it here.  It's definitely worth a read, especially if you are considering circumcision for your child.

As for me, both my boys will remain intact, and I strongly stand by my decision.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stuff is gettin' real, y'all.

I had my 30 week appointment yesterday, during which my doctor determined that I ate way too much last month.  My weight gain is still good for the pregnancy, because I haven't gained all that much, but I sort of splurged a bit last month.  I've been hungry, what can I say?

So, since the weather is so nice, I have vowed to try and take a daily hour-long walk with Bug, which makes him happy because he loves being outdoors.

::yawn::  Speaking of Bug, he's asleep right now, but I was up with him for most of the night last night.  Poor darling has a cold, and last night around 9 pm he woke up with his nose running so badly that he was having trouble breathing properly, and he was very distressed by this.  And he only wanted Mommy, so that meant I held him and cuddled him and suctioned his nose until he calmed down and eventually fell asleep, which I think occurred two hours later.  Then he woke up sporadically during the night crying.  He feels better this morning though, but he's tired and I'm tired so I'm not entirely certain how much we're going to get done today.  I was super proud of myself that I managed to make dinner (Beef stew with potatoes and butternut squash) and I got a load of laundry washed and in the dryer before he conked out.  I had all sorts of grand plans for his nap but due to the pregnancy brain, I can't seem to remember any of them.  Oh well!

The weather is gorgeous here, it's a pretty perfect fall at the moment.  Jon, Bug, and I are planning on going apple picking this weekend, so I am already looking for apple recipes.  There's an orchard apparently about twenty minutes from our house.  I was originally going to go with my mom group, but they have changed the time to a day where we can't go and since it's Columbus Day weekend, we figured we'd have some family time.

I've been really trying to hunker down and get myself in order, but there's still a lot to do before B makes his appearance in the world.  Thankfully some of the things on my list I have been able to cross off, and this weekend we are making my IKEA run to get a few things that we need from there.  I'm such a fan of my husband having three day weekends.  I don't know how it's October already (and just a week and a half until my birthday on top of that), but staying busy is definitely in order.

Well, since Bug is napping I think I will join him.  The idyll of the sleeping toddler only lasts for so long:)