Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cloth Wipes

I know, I know, I harp on the whole cloth diapering thing--but seriously, I do love them.  I am so impressed with the way my Fuzzi Bunz have held up!  Cat is now fitting into the medium sized ones and they look just like they did when I put them on Bug for the first time!  (Side note:  I am a Fuzzi Bunz affiliate and I completely believe in their product, so please contact me if you have any questions!)

But what I wasn't super hardcore about with Bug in the beginning was cloth wipes.  I know, I know--it sounds a little iffy.  And truthfully, I wasn't sure of them at first, either.  But now I wish I had been doing them from the beginning!

There are lots of different brands of cloth wipes out there.  I wound up buying some bumGenius ones, but then later I started making my own by cutting up some of my husband's old undershirts, the ones that were really worn and super soft.  Then I just wet them--sometimes I use my old peri bottle from when I was in the hospital, or other times I simply wet them in the bathroom sink, wipe baby's bottom, and then toss them in the diaper pail, and voila!  All done.  I just wash them with the diapers and hang them when the diapers are drying.

I love the cloth wipes for two reasons.  First, I'm cheap, and disposable wipes are pricey.  I personally use the Huggies Natural Care (note:  I am NOT currently sponsored by Huggies) because both my boys have sensitive skin when I do use disposable wipes.  In the interest of full disclosure, I use disposable wipes when we are out and about, and when there is infant poop involved.

But the other reason--more important, honestly--is that the cloth wipes don't have any chemicals in them.  And I have noticed that since I have started doing the cloth, there is less irritation overall in the diaper area in both my boys.

So yes, even though I was a skeptic at first, I am a cloth wipes aficionado.  Easy to make, easy to use--works for me!

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