Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Food for Thought

I subscribe to The Generous Wife, a website run by a great gal named Lori who seeks to find ways to show her husband generosity in their marriage.  A lot of the tips and suggestions are great, and they help me to keep myself in check when I'm not feeling particularly generous toward my husband.

Anyway, her post from yesterday was really wonderful.  She told the story of her father-in-law, who died relatively young, at the age of 54.  He had set aside all of his dreams for retirement...but never made it that far.

She goes on to say:

"Don't let this happen to you. Explore your dreams and passions today. Invite your friends over today. Play in the mud with your kids today. Ravish your husband today. Learn to play the piano today.

Don't wait until the kids are older. Don't wait until you have a bigger house or nicer dishes. And, please, please, don't wait to say "I'm sorry" or "I love you."

Don't wait."

Excellent, excellent message.

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