Sunday, July 8, 2012

Driving on Vacation? Are We Crazy?


We drove down to Florida, from the great state of Virginia, to visit both of our folks.  Jon and I were filled with a certain amount of...trepidation about this, but we didn't really feel we had a choice.  We wanted to visit both of our families AND spend a couple days at the beach, and to do so we needed a car.  Also, Jon's parents (unlike mine) don't live near an airport--the closest one to them is almost two hours away.  And with the carseats, and whatnot...we just decided that logistically, we'd be better off driving.

But still, we knew we were crazy.

So, we left after Jon got off from work early--around 2:30, and the first day we drove for six hours, and stopped when we got close to the South Carolina border.  We did the rest of the drive the next day, and... wasn't nearly as horrible as I had thought.

I mean, sure, it definitely wasn't a party.  I think what really worked well for me was I did all the driving--so I didn't have to deal with the cray cray that our children were occasionally spewing.  Bug actually was fantastic--he understood that he had to sit in his seat, and he spent the bulk of the ride playing with his Leapad Leaptop (I am totally in love with them, btw), or reading stories with his dad, or napping.  I was so, so proud of him.  Cat was a little less cooperative--he is a baby, after all--but overall he did very well too.  He slept most of the time, which was a huge help.

Anyway, the drive down wasn't terrible, and as you saw yesterday, we had a great time with my folks and had a lot of fun in the pool.  More vacation updates tomorrow about our time at the beach!

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