Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home, sweet home

So the final leg of our journey was a visit to the boys' other set of grandparents who live in Gainesville, Florida.  And we had fun, but it was such a blur--although, there were some fantastic bright spots.

Like, we got to eat at Sonny's.

The boys with their grandfather, after deliciousness.
Can I just say that I really do not consider Virginia part of the south because we don't have a Sonny's?  It's so cute to me that people up here consider it to be barbecue when they grill.  Oh, silly, silly Northerners.  

And Bug had a fantastic time playing with the toys that his grandparents got for him.  Oh wait, that's a lie!  Really, he had fun playing with their decor.
That moment when you look at your beautiful, amazing child and think, good LORD he is weird.
We even managed to get a decent family photo--not that my husband is, y'know, smiling or anything.  
Seriously, does Jon look disgruntled, or what?
Anyway, we began our drive back after lunch and made it to North Carolina, and then finished the last leg of the journey and came home to our wonderful house.  I was seriously glad to be back, because after 28 or so hours of driving--all of which I did by myself, with the exception of the hour drive to Sarasota which Jon did thanks to my profound fear of the Skyway Bridge--I was about done.  There was some crying, as I expected, but overall the boys did pretty well, and I have to give them credit.

::yawn::  Anyway, that was our vacation, 2012.  I honestly feel like I need a vacation FROM our vacation, but I will opt for an early bedtime instead:)

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