Monday, August 6, 2012

Dietary Concerns

Man, two year olds are frustrating.  Can I get an "Amen"?

So, up until about six weeks ago, Bug was an all-star eater.  We'd have occasional days where he refused to eat his eggs, but he would always make up for it later.  He drank his milk well, he ate most of what we put in front of him, and, I will admit, I sat in my smug little corner of self-righteousness when my friends bemoaned how their children didn't eat anything.

And then we went on vacation and I swear, everything with that kid just went down the tubes.

While we were in Florida, he constantly went on hunger strikes.  No milk.  No eggs.  Nothing.  Veggies?  Fruit?  Hahahahahaha.

I thought the situation would improve once we got home, but (in the words of Ron White), I was wrong.  Dead wrong.  I couldn't even get him to eat those magical fruit and veggie pouches that he would normally consume.

I started to fret.  Bug's gotten very tall (not that he wasn't tall already, but taller!) and he's now so skinny due to all the growing that his clothes from last summer fit him again.  I found myself begging, pleading, and cajoling him to eat--and he would simply turn up his nose at me.

So, I gave up, because I seriously didn't know what to do...and then he started eating my food.  He would completely ignore the fresh pile of eggs and toast I made for him, but would hover around my plate.  And of course I fed him, but I was starting to get annoyed that I was eating less than half of what I originally intended for myself.

So then I got smart and started making our breakfasts on the same plate.  He and I would start at opposite ends of the eggs or French Toast or whatever other delicacy I had prepared that morning, and would eat until mutually satisfied.  Eventually I got him back to eating one full meal a day, and then he would eat some occasional snacks.  And I made sure to get his milk into him, but that was really all I could do.

And then, suddenly, about five days ago, he started eating again.  And demanding to eat.  And asking for specific things.  And while we haven't had a return of veggies to the diet, I have started to get him to at least eat some fruit, and I count that as a win as I will settle for anything plant-based at this time.

I know that this is part of growing up--that by refusing my food that I offer him, he's asserting his independence--but it does make me appreciate the fact that Cat will gobble down whatever puree I give him without a second glance a lot more:)

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