Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Thoughts on the AAP Statement

After many years of refusing to take a side, it appears that the American Academy of Pediatrics has decided to come out in support of circumcision.  While they stopped short of saying, "RUN, DO NOT WALK TO YOUR NEAREST HOSPITAL/MOHEL, AND GET IT DONE," they did for parents to make a well-informed decision.  That the benefits outweighed the costs.

Well, AAP, here's my take.

In 2009, 266 baby boys died because of complications related to circumcision.  It's reported that between 100-400 boys die every year because of this procedure.  It is very easy for an infant to bleed to death, and this is what happens a lot of times.  All that it takes for an infant to die is for him to lose an ounce of blood.  Just an ounce.  I'm pretty sure that for the parents who didn't get to take their sons home, there were no benefits.  Just costs.

You can spout off to me about how it reduces UTIs (neither of my uncircumcised boys has ever had one), cleanliness (my kids bathe and they are clean), and how it prevents STD transmission (except it doesn't), but this is a procedure that kills children every year.  So no, AAP.  I can't condone your statement and I am disappointed and saddened.

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