Wednesday, September 5, 2012

30 Before month away!

Well folks, we're getting down to the wire--my birthday is NEXT MONTH.  Eeek!  Anyway, here's how I'm doing thus far....

1. Lose 15 lbs--the rest of my baby weight from both children:)  

2.  Get Cat sleeping through the night, preferably in his crib.  

3.  Give away 30 things.  (I have given away the following:  4 pieces of maternity clothing, 15 pieces of regular clothing, 4 books, various scrapbooking materials, 3 cans of sample formula that I couldn't use, foam blocks that neither of my kids were interested in, a bagful of items from my pantry that we weren't going to use, one of my three pie plates, 3 unopened bottles of dietary supplements, and a few other things that I have forgotten.  So more than 30!  Go me! )

4.  Complete two chapters of my book with Chad Thomas Johnston

5.  Potty train Bug.  (I would say this goal is about 75% complete.  He is peeing in the potty very well--which I love because every time we flush he says, "Buh-bye, Pee!"--but we haven't gotten #2 completely sorted out yet.  Oh well, we'll get there!)

6.  Take a sewing class.

7.  Do something physically adventurous.

8.  See my best friend.

9.  Collect enough flip-flops for my TerraCycle project.

10. Watch 3 movies that I have never seen before.  (I am actually up to four!  In addition to Magic Mike and Bridesmaids, Jon and I made it out to see The Dark Knight Rises.  And then we watched Boogie Man, which is the documentary about Lee Atwater) 

11.  See a play.  (Done on June 30, 2012--saw the exceptionally moving The Normal Heart in Washington, D.C.  Thanks for inviting me, Jordan!)

12.  Go to a concert.  (Shannon and I saw Enrique and J. Lo at the end of July.  It was phenomenal.  )

13.  Submit an entry to PostSecret

14.  Try three things I have pinned on Pinterest.  This can be recipes, arts and crafts, etc.  (I made my busy bag, and at the beach I collected seashells to make an ornament with.  I also am going to be celebrating a made up holiday-Annual Donut Day--which I think should be a lot of fun).  

15.  Visit the National Gallery of Art.  Sans children. (I may end up doing this after my birthday--am tempted to go when they have their Christmas decorations up).    

16.  Cut down on paper products that we use in our home.

17.  Get into a routine of cooking at least 6 out of 7 dinners per week. (I have done this the past two weeks!)

18.  Clean out my closet, getting rid of things I haven't worn in two years (Did this today!)

19.  Meet a Dessert Islander (Liza, it's probably going to be you!)

20.  Spend an entire day away from social media/e-mail.

21.  Get the house painted.

22.  Family Vacation.  

23.  Forgive those in my past who have hurt me.

24.  Get paid to blog.

25.  Buy the majority of my food locally.  Hooray for our farmer's market!

26.  Try a new restaurant.

27.  Abstain from buying new books until after my birthday.  (NOT EASY)

28.  Abstain from buying any new beauty products/lotions until all my current ones are used.  (You have no idea how many lotions I have).

29.  Blog post for Jennifer Luitwieler.

30.  Figure out our living situation.

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