Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Disappearing Act

I had to take a hiatus from blogging because life came at me all fast and furious-like.  (Hmm.  That doesn't sound right, but I'm pretty sure "fastly and furiously" wouldn't have worked either).

So what's been going on?

Well, if you'll recall, I was sick.  And I do mean sick.  I had a cold that seriously kicked my butt, and even now, three weeks later, I have a lingering cough that is fairly intense.  I felt horrible and getting out of bed was not easy, and there was more than one day when I had to call Jon and ask him to come home.  Thankfully, I was the only one who got sick--Bug, Cat, and my husband all emerged from the ordeal unscathed.

Me being sick really put us all behind.  By now, I was hoping to have the boys' room painted, but I haven't even made it to Home Depot yet to get the paint (am painting it a light blue, I think it's going to look great. And we'll save the leftover paint for when we move.  Whenever that is).  I am going to attempt to do that this weekend, but all of our weekends are filling up very quickly.  We'll be going apple picking again (hooray!), we have an upcoming birthday party for one of Bug's friends, and my brother is coming to visit.

Oh, and I'm turning 30 in the not too distant future:)

Bug has been doing swim lessons with his dad on Saturdays, as I mentioned before, and they seem to be going really well.  He's getting more comfortable with being in the water and he and Jon seem to have a really good time together.  Plus it's nice for me to have a little bit of time to myself, because I can usually get Cat to take a nap for at least part of the time that they're gone.  If I can even just get a shower in peace, it makes the whole thing worth it:)

Cat has started crawling, and he is trying really hard to pull himself up.  And so, the beginning of the end of my sanity begins:)  He had a rough few weeks (more teeth--will it ever end??), but has been happier and enjoying himself more these days.  It probably has to do with the change in the weather--it's been gorgeous the last few days.  Hello, Fall!

Anyway, I have some exciting announcements in the next few weeks, but you'll just have to tune in and see:)

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