Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guest Post: How Many Hours of Sleep Does Your Child Need?

Parenting Tips: How Many Hours Sleep Does Your Child Need?
One of the biggest milestones is considered as becoming a parent in our life. When children call us mom or dad, it is the happiest moment for them. Good parenting means always having a bonding between the child and the parent. Mother always takes care of the kid in health, food and sleep aspects. She keeps them happy in satisfying all the needs. Kids face problem in night times especially during sleep. So, let us know few tips

Ø  Every child is different- Some need less sleep, on the other side some need more. This is because of the general health issues and their routine schedule. The parent must know the child’s well-being and their behaviour.
Ø  Toddlers will be hyperactive and depending on that, the kids sleep. The more they play and interact with people; they get tired and sleep for more time.
Ø  The sleeping hours of a child vary from age group. A new born baby will require more sleep until 4 weeks. Approximately they need 7 hours during the day and 8 hours of sleep during nights.
Ø  As they grow up, the activities increase and the naps are decreased. A 3 months baby needs five hours of daytime and ten hours of night sleep. It will make the child fresh and proper sleep is very much required for them.
Ø  Bedtimes are much important for growing children. If they do not sleep properly, they may fall asleep while playing or any other activity. For overcoming such incidents, set a proper bedtime. A one year kid needs 3 hours of morning nap and 12 hours of night sleep.
Ø  Parents must take care about the bedtime timings. This will create a proper schedule for the tiny tot who can make it a habit. A growing up kid will be usually tired of playing. So the sleep timings will be more in the bedtime. Approximately 11- 12 hours is important.
Ø  So when the child is growing, naps are enough in daytime. Bedtimes will increase. If the health conditions are not proper, then doze off increases. As the age increases the afternoon naps decrease.
Ø  A kid needs 8-10 hours’ sleep. A normal person needs 7-8 per day. So with this we can say the stamina of children is lesser than adults.
Ø  If toddlers sleep frequently or wake up late from bed, take them to a doctor for a check-up. By medication, the naps may gradually diminish. If you are low on cash, take a same day loan
These are the children sleep patterns where eventually they change the timings. Parents teach their children how to walk, talk and many other things. They should also explain about the importance of bedtime and taking naps in the afternoon. This will make the children feel fresh and active. The relationship between the parent and the child should be maintained properly. 

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